Astro Tiger is a creative studio founded by Ohad Zivony and Pierre Kleinhouse based in Israel since 2018. We mostly work on digital graphic design projects who combines illustration and micro-animation for start-up companies and brands around the world.

Ohad Zivony


Ohad Is a multidisciplinary visual designer. He studied visual communication at Holon Institute of Technology. There he found his love to motion and interactive design. He likes experimenting and combining design elements, illustrations and micro-animations on different platforms.

Ohad has worked with a number of leading start-up companies and leading brands such as Mako

& Channel 2 News.

Ohad believes in bold execution of concept. With a passion for typography and the craft of design.

Pierre Kleinhouse


Pierre Is an award winning illustrator and designer who grew up reading Belgian comics and watching superhero cartoons on TV. When he was a teenager he discovered Japanese anime & manga and completely fell in love with it. Later on, Pierre studied visual communication at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. There, his love to comics, manga, cartoons and screen printing transformed into the unique illustration & design style you see today.

Over the past few years he've had the privilege of working with clients such as Stella Artois, HarperCollins, Milan's TV Series Festival, BBC Focus & more. 

He also make artworks for exhibitions, give talks and illustration workshops.

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